Well it took me two days to get my CBC (complete blood cell count) back and it made me miss the convenience of Roswell and their online portal which displays the results when they’re available. I’m told such a portal is being worked on here in Ithaca. I should have been able to find out my results on Thursday but alas my oncologist was out so the nurses needed to wait until Friday to get his approval to release them. This kind of thing happens A LOT and is pretty frustrating as the anxiety builds every month over what the numbers are and what that will mean.

The last two CBC results were pretty good, well for me anyway! WBC (white blood cell count) was 3.4 and then 3.1. The neutrophils (body’s ability to fight off infection) were at 1,800 followed by 1,000. Normal WBC is 4-10, and as for neutrophils it should be above 1,600. This time around my WBC was 2.8 and my neutrophils were 700. Yes I can continue being monitored with no treatment but my heart sunk a little to hear it things went down again.

Four months ago I had a scare, the lowest numbers I had ever seen since my diagnosis. WBC was 1.4 and neutrophils were 400. I was on the brink of having to do another bone marrow biopsy but doing everything in my power to boost those levels up. When they shot up to WBC of 3.4 and neutrophils of 1,600 I was determined to keep them that high. Daily exercise, meditation to help change my outlook, adhering to my anti-cancer diet, and limited alcohol intake (the bone marrow is not a fan of alcohol). But everyone knows that the holidays promotes over indulging, and that I did.

On Friday I hopped on the exercise bike after work and then made a healthy but hearty, immune boosting soup. I’m back on the wagon and taking this teeny setback as motivation to  stay on come hell or high water.