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When I was diagnosed I started taking a range of supplements/vitamins as many people do on a daily basis. At first I carried around about five or six pill bottles in my purse. What a pain! So then I purchased a daily dose plastic pill holder from the drug store than could contain a weeks worth of supplements. Problem solved right? Well I had apparently bought an easy release option made for people suffering from arthritis and came to find almost all the pills had been released into the bottom of my purse. I scoured the interwebs in search of something better and came across Pillfolds by Sara Gorman. Ah-mazing!

Here was this compact, fabric, and fashionable way to discreetly contain a weeks worth of pills in my purse. Note: the inside is a bit yellowed on mine from the large amount of turmeric I take.

Pillfolds not only have storage for each day of the week, they also separate by day and night. Sun for daytime, moon for night. Hmm did I take my pills tonight? I just unsnap the pouch and if the pills are still sitting on the “night” side that day then I have my answer.

Pillfolds come in many patterns and colors. There’s even a few masculine options as well. They run about $40, which initially caused me some hesitation on purchasing but they’re handmade and after having mine over a year I’d be lost without it! Worth every penny! They’re offering 15% off when you subscribe to emails and now have an extended version which holds even more pills.

Hope some of you will find this product review useful in your daily lives as well!